Our Core Management Team

Kartikeya Sharma (Founder and Promoter, iTV Network)

Founder & Promoter of iTV Network, Mr. Kartikeya Sharma is one of the youngest, dynamic and visionary media entrepreneurs in India.


The iTV Network's genre defying success has been on Mr. Sharma's entrepreneurial abilities and his commitment to quality journalism. Entering a crowded market, Kartikeya Sharma in a short span of time has proved that there is always room for a quality product/s, while still being profitable.


Mr. Sharma has been able to identify and attract the right kind of talent to build a future proof organization. He is an Oxford graduate with Masters in Business Administration from King's College, London.


Anand Mishra (CEO Star Infranet)

A recognized professional in the Indian IT industry, Anand Mishra is CEO of Star Infranet, a trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Pvt Ltd. With a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, or better yet, in Computer Science and with over 10 years of working experience in telecom and IT, Mr. Anand Mishra has become well-known professional because of his unique out-of-the-box thinking.


By the age of 17, he started programming and after just 4 years, he was leading a startup. Now, he is recognized for successfully working with corporate giants and startups. Great knowledge, upgraded with a unique vision, put Mr. Anand Mishra among the best in the IT industry.


It was only when Mr. Anand Mishra created and designed the digital space for Information TV Private Limited that their reputation increased rapidly. Both the National Hindi Channel and NewsX developed and improved, because Star Infranet brought their news portals to a whole new level.


Star Infranet, recognized in the web and domain industry, is one of the best companies regarding services such as web designing and development, e-commerce, digital marketing, domain registration, and cloud services. In 2010, Mr. Anand Mishra became the director of Star Infranet, and with great determination, dedication and innovative thinking, he achieved not only the recognition as a young professional entrepreneur, but also achieved the recognition of the Star Infranet, which is one of the best brands regarding Cloud and Cloud related technology.


Most IT industries take the most common B2C route, however, Mr. Anand Mishra decided on a B2B path, which showed to be more successful. He is constantly working on improving and empowering dealers across India to sell technology, even if they are not familiar with the IT industry. This is backed up by the fact that his company has over 4 000 dealers across India, even though the Star Infranet was founded in 2010.


Considered as a computer visionary, Mr. Anand Mishra managed to accomplish all of his projects successfully. However, as he says, he owes all his success to his team of highly qualified professionals. Star Infranet is the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Private Limited, a company privately funded by Information TV Pvt. Ltd.