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Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is funded by Information TV Private Limited, which is an electronic media that broadcasts the most popular news channels across India. It is the parent company of Star Infranet, a company that provides its customers with web services such as free domain registration, free website builder, web hosting, web design and unlimited SQL databases.


5 Tips for Boosting Traffic with Content Marketing

Content marketing is a huge business. Companies need it as a critical part of their digital presence. To get the content they need, they either hire in-house staff or outsource the function to freelancers or writing services. And they pay for online advertising as well. All in all, for 2019, it is estimated that it will end up being a $300 billion industry.

The whole point of content marketing is this: driving traffic to a website where products and/or services are offered and convincing visitors that they should purchase them. But these efforts require strategies for resonating with your target audience, for being “found,” and for crafting content that is creative and provides value.


7 Ultimate Ways to Generate Traffic to your New WordPress Website

Owning a website does not make any sense if it is not generating traffic!! It is nothing but incompetent.

Imagine you have invested hundreds of dollars in building a website, that never appears on the search engines and is not even gaining traffic.

Can you avoid this scenario?

No, Right?

Though we know that generating traffic is a tough job!! But, it is significant.

It requires a lot of tricks and experimentation to understand what works best for the website to generate business. All you need is to create a winning formula to work for you. There are a lot of ways that can help you to generate traffic to your website. And can convert your lonely website into the space that can bring in the visitors and soon-to-be customers.


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9 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services is a term refers to outsourcing IT technical issues to the third party. Companies that provide monitoring and maintaining IT services are referred to as Managed IT Service providers. These companies emerged to help businesses grow while not caring about information technology goof ups.

New technologies are introduced every day with the intention of simplifying our work but every new technology comes along with a new challenge, and facing those challenges can turn out to be time absorbing. Many businesses do not need or cannot afford to hire Managed IT Support Dallas services, But they also cannot deny the fact that how MSPs can simplify their work.


Are These Apps Helpful In Landscaping Or Gardening For Everyone?

Planning a perfect garden or landscape is not easy for a beginner. Planning the design for a garden is difficult, but visualizing how it will look after completion is challenging. That’s because landscaping involves an extra dimension of the art that is – Time.

As crops change year after year and grow over the cycles of each season, they look different in your landscape. When are the leaves going to bloom or fall? It requires a practical eye and years of experience to use your imagination to transform a small transplant into a full-grown specimen.

However, some apps can help create landscapes and gardens. You can also drag and drop plants and other features to see how they will look in your garden.


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Do You Know About These Software Used By Most Of The Plumbers?

Plumbing is not much different than it was decades ago. With the arrival of high tech apps and software, plumbing contractors and businesses now use them to offer better services. They can serve their customers better and manage their day to day tasks easily by using apps or software.

Many businesses, other than plumbing, also use software to manage their daily business tasks and offer the best products and services to customers. Let us check some of the best software that most plumbers are using in Balmain, Sydney.

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