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Anand Mishra
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6 useful websites for entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in 2016 opens up a world of possibilities to you.  The Internet is a fantastic source of information and tools to help you grow your knowledge and find ways to grow your business.

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Successful entrepreneurs always make learning new things a priority, it is precious to have some websites on hand to use as a quick resource.  Entrepreneurs always need to keep expanding their knowledge and searching for new sources of information to tap into.

This article will cover six websites that will be useful for your business.  All of these websites can help you either with learning new things or making specific tasks in your business easier to do.  Efficiency will be your best friend as an entrepreneur; these six websites will help point you in the right direction.




Coursera is an online education platform that can connect you with many accredited universities and the knowledge they have to offer.  Coursera is especially impressive because all the courses of free and you have the option of purchasing a completion certificate from the school of sponsored the course.

Coursera also offers course specializations that cover a broad range of fundamentals in specific industries.  For example, if you wanted to start a photography business, this photography specialization course would be ideal for you.   Not only will you learn the basics needed to succeed in your trade, but you can also get a certificate of completion which helps people recognize your knowledge.

You can also visit the following site to learn more about online education platform:



ThemeForest/Code Canyon


Theme Forest and Code Canyon are two very useful sites for any entrepreneur.  You can get beautiful web applications built here from an inexpensive relativity price.  Both of these websites offer easy to edit templates that you can use to create a website, interactive forms, landing pages, web stores and almost anything else you can find on a website.

Websites are excellent tools for any entrepreneur.  Here are a few quick options from Themeforest and Code Canyon that will get you up and running quickly.

You can also visit the following sites to learn :







Vista Print


Vista Print is a great website to get customized supplies for your business at reasonable prices.  Vista Print is a great option for when your business starts to grow, and you need more supplies with your company logo.  Vista Print is perfect for helping your business with your branding efforts, all you have to do is select the type of item you want, and Vista Print does the rest.

Vista Print’s design system is very easy to use to create your own items.  They offer you a wide selection of items from basic business cards to yard signs, water bottles, bumper stickers and high-quality posters.  You can also get tablecloths, wall posters, and many other items that will be useful at business conferences.  Vista Print is a versatile branding solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Vista Print




UpWork is a versatile website that can be an excellent tool for your business.  First, UpWork can connect you with freelancers who can do tasks for you to optimize how your company runs.  UpWork offers all types of freelancers ranging from the highly experienced to people just starting out.  You can choose workers based on what your budget allows.

Secondly, UpWork can also be a potential source of revenue for your business.  You can sell services on UpWork either as an individual entrepreneur or you can register your company on the platform.  UpWork connects you with tons of proposals from people looking for tasks to be done.  Find one that fits your business and send off your best proposal.  You can even hire someone to send out proposals on the side, so you have more free time!





Foap is a unique and interesting platform.  Anyone who has worked online long enough knows that stock imagery can be a bit stale.  Foap is an app that encourages people to upload photos they take themselves, these photos are then for sale under the same concept as stock photos.  Each time someone purchases your photo you get $5, and you can sell the same photo as many times as you want.

Foap is an excellent way to earn some cash on the side or to get some interesting photos for your business taken by real people.  Stock images will have a tough time competing with the natural, authentic photos taken by real people on Foap.  Foap can easily enhance your website by adding a touch of realism just by the quality of the pictures.




LinkedIn seems like an obvious business tool, but a lot of entrepreneurs still don’t make full use of it.  LinkedIn is a great place to get on top of current trends in your industry.  LinkedIn can act as an excellent resource with lots of industry articles and conversations for you to interact with.  LinkedIn groups are a great place to find like-minded individuals and get exposure to real perspectives on current topics.

Even if you aren’t selling to businesses or business professionals, LinkedIn is an excellent way to showcase your skills and work you’ve completed.  It can potentially help you attract new customers and can be a part of a targeted social media strategy.   LinkedIn is an excellent tool for modern networking & learning.

LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your skills and work you’ve completed.

These six websites all have something different to offer entrepreneurs, whether you’re new or experienced. In addition to visiting this site, these six sites will help you advance your capacity and expertise as an entrepreneur.  Remember that a thirst for knowledge is one of the key qualities that most successful entrepreneurs share.  Did we miss any sites?  Do you have any of your own favorites you’d like to add?  Let us know in the comments!

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