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7 Ultimate Ways to Generate Traffic to your New WordPress Website

Generate Traffic to your New WordPress Website

Owning a website does not make any sense if it is not generating traffic!! It is nothing but incompetent.

Imagine you have invested hundreds of dollars in building a website, that never appears on the search engines and is not even gaining traffic.

Can you avoid this scenario?

No, Right?

Though we know that generating traffic is a tough job!! But, it is significant.

It requires a lot of tricks and experimentation to understand what works best for the website to generate business. All you need is to create a winning formula to work for you. There are a lot of ways that can help you to generate traffic to your website. And can convert your lonely website into the space that can bring in the visitors and soon-to-be customers.

Google is not enough to make it happen for us. We have to take things in our hands and do the needful. We are here to discuss the best ways to generate traffic for the new WordPress website.

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Generate Traffic to your WordPress website using the following ways

1. Integrate Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs navigation is best for usability. It gives an idea to the visitors about the structure of the website and gives them easy navigation. The breadcrumbs can integrate another dimension to your website outline in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The breadcrumbs encapsulated on the website are also displayed in the SERPs.

It gives visitors more details about your website they did not know before, which shows a wrong impact on the site. Using breadcrumbs on your website is not a juggling thing; it is a very straight forward approach. It uses WordPress SEO with Yoast plugin that shows the readability score and permits you to rectify the issues.

2. Add only Engaging and Useful Content

The enterprises that publish more than 16 posts in a month tend to generate more traffic (On an all 3.5X more traffic) than usual websites. Being a user, we search the web for taking advice, insights and the solutions to our problems. Therefore, the site which has engaging and useful content will inevitably be discovered by the users.

Do not forget to sprinkle the keywords into your content and in the headlines following an authentic way. So that when the visitor searches for the content with the keywords, your content will appear on the first.

3. Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization

If you have a desire to see your website in the list of top of the search results than you need to improve search engine optimization for your WordPress website. To increase the traffic of your website, you need to consider below points:

  • Image optimization
  • Build your website more responsive
  • Boost your site speed
  • Include meta-tags
  • Integrate keywords on website pages, blog posts, heading/title
  • Integrate internal links for google indexing

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin that takes care of all your online SEO requirements.

4. Share on Social Media Websites

If you need to widen your reach and want to add more customers to your website than sharing content on social media plays an essential role. Therefore, you can promote your content on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, and wherever else you think your target can reach you easily. Pinterest can drive traffic on your website effectively. By integrating content on Pinterest, you can lead customers right to your business website. Make it convenient for others to share the content and introduce it more to your followers and friends. Social media share button plugin permits visitors to your website to share your content in just a click.

5. Optimize the Posts on SERPs

Most of the customers have an urge to rank in Google. But they do not have an idea of how they can post their search on SERPs in google that can make a big difference. Two things can make a big difference to your WordPress website.

  • Title: Make the title according to the requirement of the customers/visitors so that it can retain more customers.
  • Description: Giving a meta-description of the title is mandatory so that the visitors can understand your posts initially.

6. Using Internal Links For Reducing the Bounce Rates

Internal linking is a considerable way to manage the customers on your WordPress website. It is a smart method that can make search engines acknowledge the meaning of your content. Precisely, the one who is reading the content on your website and found a harsh word will definitely bounce back to find its meaning. When your content is linked internally, then you do not need to bother about the issue. When the website traffic is integrated with SEO Internal links, it sustains the internal linking. To execute it, you can utilize custom keywords, no-follows, and, plugins, etc.

7. Keyword Research

When the user has some queries, they rush to google or some other search engine to obtain a solution to their problem. If your content has fulfilled all the criteria, then with the essential phrases, you will be given preference. That means, if you have done your job well, then the search engines will showcase your content first and higher your chances of earning traffic. So, it is vital to use only those keywords or phrases that are mostly used by the users to find their products or services. Therefore, it can be said that keyword research has a significant role to play in attaining the traffic for your new website. You can add those keywords to your content to higher the chances of appearing in the search engines. Playing rightly can get you in the search listing of SERPs.

Wrapping Up

Use the above actionable tips if you have a craving to boost traffic on your new WordPress website. And get yourself ready for a website that is bustling with immense traffic. With the tips mentioned above, it would be easy for you to attain the desire for being on the top.

We hope you have liked this article. Let us know if you have some queries and suggestions in the comment section below. We will be happy to help you out. Thank you for sparing your time to read!!

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