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App development news: what’s the buzz in 2018

App development news: what’s the buzz in 2018

Mobile apps have been the center of attention for many years. Since its inception in 2008 with only 500 apps, the mobile app ecosystem has grown to over 6.6 million apps collectively in all leading app stores. Another survey reveals that 57% of consumer’s digital media time is being spent on mobile apps.

Apple Company also recently announced that their app developers made $26.5 billion last year – that is 30% increment since 2016. And believe it or not but this is more than the annual revenue of some of the most prominent brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s.

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Simply put, the mobile app industry continues to grow and mature with every passing year. And the upcoming years will be no different. In fact, the year 2018 is a time for app developers to leverage the full potential of mobile apps and deliver services that surpass the expectations of the consumers.

Since they have access to numerous choices, the consumers of today have become overly-particular when selecting apps and have zero tolerance for spam apps with a poor user interface.In fact, a recent survey claims that over 51% of smartphone users do not even download one app per month.

Moreover, consumers are more loyal to apps that have proven consistent quality over the years. As the preference for high-quality apps such as AirG, Super Mario Run, and Marvel is on the rise – app developers should ensure the best and modern practices when setting up their application.


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To help you capitalize your efforts to the maximum and ensure decent engagement from the users – we have compiled a list of mobile application development trends that are expected to create a buzz in the year 2018. Go ahead, pick them out, and adapt to them in your future endeavors. Good luck!

Internet of things

Internet of things (IoT) is undeniably the most popular IT trend in the past few years. From smart homes to fitness trackers, the use of sensors in non-IT devices has made many tasks convenient as well as user-friendly.

In the coming years, the adoption of such devices will become a familiar sight, and Boston Consulting Group predicts that the global market for IoT will grow to $267 billion by the year 2020.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has introduced many exciting features including virtual digital assistants, personalized recommendations, and highly accurate predictive technology. In the year 2018, we are bound to see more of such innovations primarily in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, advances in the development of self-driving car have also been reported with Mercedes and Uber collaborating to launch the first self-driven car soon.

According to the research firm, Markets and Markets, the industry growth for artificial intelligence are expected to hit the $5.05 billion point by the year 2020 (if not before).

Android instant apps

Google launched Android instant apps in the year 2016. The feature allowed Android users to utilize apps while they were still in the app store. Once the user is satisfied, he or she can continue to download them as per the norm.

Buzzfeed and Wish are some examples of apps that have taken this initiative while predictions are circulating that more apps will join the bandwagon in the future.

On-demand apps

On-demand apps such as food delivery apps, taxi service, and renting apps have made lives easier for many of us. For example, the Starbucks Barista allows users to place their orders through the app.


On-demand apps


Uber is another excellent example of an on-demand app that has made transport convenient for its users. The trend of using on-demand apps will continue to grow in the coming years. Experts also anticipate that other brands will follow the footsteps of these to create apps that provide similar on-demand service.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing has made it easier for mobile apps to store large amounts of data in a virtual space. The cloud-based apps such as Dropbox enable users to retrieve information rapidly and reduce the load on internal memory significantly. The implementation of cloud-based apps can substantially help app developers, and business owners streamline their operations and manage data more efficiently.

The rise in mobile security

The smartphones of today are capable of handling more and more transactions. The surge of making online payments has also increased the need to beef up mobile security. Unfortunately, 50% of organizations have allocated on spending towards mobile security that is causing the US economy a loss of more than $59.5 billion each year.

A software developer is responsible for providing the users with proper security protocols. They should implement security measures in the initial stage of app development to ensure that the app is free from security breaches.

Google AMP

Google launched the AMP, accelerated mobile page project, back in February 2016 in collaboration with Twitter. The feature aimed to fasten page-loading speed on mobile devices. Within a year, Google reported that more than one million web pages are using AMP. If you are also planning to launch an app – make sure you have setup Google AMP.


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Mobile blockchain

Cryptocurrency is an entirely new type of currency that has created a massive buzz in the year 2017. Well, don’t expect the year 2018 to be any different as blockchain will continue to evolve within the IT industry. IT analysts are also assuming that the cryptocurrency will replace online payments and shortly we will see a competitor for PayPal.

Location-based services

Smartphone users are utilizing Geofencing and location-based services on a large scale. Companies like Sephora, Apple Maps, and ProximiT are successfully using the services for the betterment of their brand. In the coming years, we can presume that more companies will leverage the feature and provide us with a better user experience.

Your IT trend for 2018

Just like the previous year, the year 2018 holds several surprises in technology for us. However, it is essential that app developers seek these opportunities and embrace them before their competitors.

Hopefully, after reading the trends mentioned above for 2018, you will be more prepared to embrace the future of technology.

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