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Best Vlogging Camera with a Flip Screen – Crucial Questions to Answer!

Best Vlogging Camera with a Flip Screen – Crucial Questions to Answer


First things first, let us tell you that we have already published a detailed guide to buying the best vlogging camera with a flip screen right here. However, we think there’s a lot more to it in order to choose a vlogging camera that’s perfect for YOUR needs, and so here we are writing another post on the topic to make sure you know some other lesser-known factors that are important to consider as well.

So without further ado, let’s get to the 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself and get very specific and detailed answers to before being able to choose the best camera with flip screen for your vlogging needs.


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What will you be vlogging about?


While the factors we talked about in our last article here may help you narrow down your options to some of the best ones, for choosing the one that’s perfect for your needs you will have to focus on your exact needs. And this is why you need to carefully consider what you will be vlogging about.

While the GoPro vlogging cameras can often turn out to be some of the best options when it comes to solely recording action videos, an advanced vlogging DSLR camera may more than fit the bill for you if you will be vlogging about a bit of everything, which may include recording videos at home, capturing the nature and wildlife when you’re traveling to another state, recording adventure videos and more.


What will you be vlogging about


However, they both also come with their own pros and cons, so you must again try to be very specific with your needs to be able to make sure that their limitations or lack of some features are not a deal-breaker for you.

For instance, while GoPro cameras can be ideal if you’re recording action videos, they can be a bit disappointed when you use them for surfing or skating videos. This is because while they can capture a lot of stuff and movement with ease, they don’t perform as well when made to capture different movements that are way too fast for them.

Similarly, while a DSLR camera with flip screen can be a great overall vlogging camera for most vloggers, some of the best ones are often bulkier than the other options, which means they can be a bit of a hassle to carry if you’re into travel vlogging. In such a case, one of that advanced mirrorless or point and shoot camera with flip screen may turn out to be right up the alley.

Another important piece of information you should keep in mind when shopping around for a vlogging camera is that if the sharpness and capturing every bit of the colors you record with perfect clarity are of paramount importance to you, you may not want to settle for anything less than an advanced DSLR.

It would likely be a perfect option for most makeup and beauty vloggers out there, but should also work well for most vloggers that record comedy videos or something similar.

Finally, you may also want to take the potential length of your videos into consideration, as it would help you figure out whether or not you need to buy extra batteries. Likewise, if you’re a travel vlogger, you may also want to look for a higher battery capacity.


Will you be able to carry important camera gear?


If you’re going to treat vlogging as a serious business or even a side-hustle rather than just a hobby, you will need to produce exceptional quality videos. And for that, you will likely need a lot of advanced camera gear.

While it’s all only going to be a one-time investment, the problem is going to be that the more camera gear you add to your vlogging setup, the less portable it will become.


Will you be able to carry important camera gear?


So that brings us to our question: Where will you be recording your videos? Will be at your home or in an indoor environment? If so, then you need not worry much about the portability.

Similarly, if local areas are you will be visiting during for your vlogging activities, you would still be able to have a fairly large vlogging setup and can hence get all that cool, useful camera gear.

However, if you’re looking to travel different countries as a vlogger, then it goes without saying that you will need to make your vlogging setup as portable as you can – but without compromising a lot on the quality of your videos.

This means that while you can do without some of that bulky camera equipment, you may still need to stick to some of the essentials as well as make sure you’re getting the best DSLR with flip screen or at least a mirrorless camera that you can. A compact point and shoot may seem tempting for its size and incredible portability, but it would be a lot more limited in terms of the performance and features, and may certainly not be able to deliver what a good vlogging camera should.


What’s your budget?


Well, building an advanced vlogging setup can get pretty expensive, with its most important component being your vlogging camera. So depending on your needs, you may want to figure out a budget that doesn’t break the bank but still allows you to produce a fairly good quality of work that’s capable of beating your competitor’s content.


What’s your budget


That said, having a budget of anything less than $200 for a video camera with flip screen may not get you anything that’s half decent for serious vlogging. So, you may want to spend at least $200 on your vlogging camera, and another $300 or so on other equipment (depending on your needs).

That’s probably as cheap a good vlogging setup as it gets. Of course, if you have the budget, you will want to go for a much more advanced vlogging camera that may cost well over $500, as well as other important camera gear including a microphone, tripod, lighting and so on.

It’s important to note that you may have a hard time producing quality work without a good microphone, so if you don’t have the budget for it now, you may want to get it as soon as you earn your first few bucks through your vlogging channel.

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