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Anand Mishra
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How to Make Niche Site

A niche site is defined as a website that targets the audience of a specific niche.  Niche sites are known for the value they give to people in the form of information usually via search engines.  Niche sites can be very broad or very specific to target sub niches within a niche.

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The more detailed your website is, the easier it is to build a connection with your audience. Niche sites can be monetized through advertisements, product sales or affiliate sales.

Build a connection with your audience.
Build a connection with your audience.

Niche sites can be very lucrative sources of income if constructed properly.  We’ll take a look at what you need to do in order to get started building your website including how to learn about your audience, how to do keyword research, how to approach content creation and how to approach creating a search engine optimization plan.

Market Research
Market Research

Niche Research

The biggest key to your success will be niche research.  No matter what industry or niche you decide to approach, you’ll need to know your audience well.  It only helps you in the long run to take the appropriate time to research everything from your audience to the history of the market.  If you’re interested in finding a competitive advantage or a gap that needs fulfilling, research will be your best tool.

Forums are a great place to start your research.  You can interact with actual members of a community that would most likely include your target audience.

You can interact with actual members of a community.
You can interact with actual members of a community.

Niche related forums will help you find out what type of people are interested in the niche, the lingo they use and how best to communicate with them.  All of these factors will come in handy when deciding what keywords to target or what type of content to create.

Keyword research

Once you gain a feel for your audience, you’ll be better able to pick out keywords to target.  When building a niche site it’s important to a have a variety of content that targets multiple keywords that people would be interested in.  The better you know your audience, the easier is to pick your keywords.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Be creative in how you target keywords.  Don’t limit yourself to just targeting keywords with articles.  You can also create videos or images that provide information on the keyword phrase.  Remember your main goal is to get niche related backlinks pointing to your site.

Content creation 

Content comes in many different forms.  It’s important to give your audience options when it comes to how you interact with them.  Again, the better you know your audience, the better you can decide what type of content will work best.

Authority content grow your audience
Authority content grow your audience


Articles are great at achieving two main things.  First is creating an authority presence.  Long articles that educate and show knowledge about your niche shows people your dedication and changes their perception of your site.  Authority articles make it easy to generate leads and build an audience.

Targeting keywords for SEO
Targeting keywords for SEO

Secondly, articles are great at targeting keywords for SEO.  Having a plethora of keyword targeted articles on your website will be crucial for SEO success.  Articles are a great way to use keywords naturally throughout your site and gain back links from people that come across your posts.


Videos can be a great way to interact with your audience.  If you get in front of the camera you can build a personal connection with your viewers as well as communicate with them in the comments.  You can also get freelancers to create animated videos for you or you can do audio only videos.  Be creative in how you present your content to your niche.

Present your content to your niche

The better you know your niche, the more creative your videos can be. Videos are a great visual tool to capture attention as well as direct people to your website.


Every niche site should invest some money in getting custom images created for them.  These images can be graphics with stats or info graphics with original content.  Creating your own images allows you to brand them with your websites name and have them shared all over the Internet.  This is great for back links as well as branding.

Social media promotion

Social media can be a very lucrative source of traffic if you can figure out how to best use it to your advantage.  No matter which network you pick, you’ll need a well crafted, inviting profile that establishes your websites voice online.

Social Media Promotion
Social Media Promotion

Keep in mind anything you do on social media is reflective of your brand.  You want to make sure you do your best to come across as an authority website where people can learn niche related information.  Your social media posts should be focused on directing people to your website.

Knowing your audience will be key to picking a social network.  In some cases, having a presence on a niche related forum is more beneficial than a social network.  It’s also important to concentrate your resources and focus on max 2 or 3 networks at a time.  Consistency and quality will be important factors to building a lasting presence.

Knowing your audience will be key to picking a social network.
Knowing your audience will be key to picking a social network.

SEO plan

A good SEO plan will be key to a successful niche site.  Receiving traffic from search engines transforms your website from a chore into a passive income source.  Great niche sites cover a wide range of topics, which allows them to gain traffic from all search engines.  You’ll need to execute keyword research and create a solid content plan in order to start getting search engine traffic.

When it comes to SEO there are a few different approaches you can take.

SEO Process

Natural approach

This approach will focuses on just populating your website with content and connecting with your audience.  The more content you add to your website the easier it will be to gain backlinks from other website.  This is a very passive approach that will take quite some time to pay off.

The benefits are that every link you get will be 100% natural and most likely of a high quality.  This is a good strategy to use in combination with social media promotion..

Social Media Promotion
Social Media Promotion

Pay as you go

This approach makes use of SEO freelancers early in your sites creation.  As you publish content you’ll hire SEO’ers to build links to all of your different content.  This is an approach that will require money and some freelancers who are familiar with what they are doing.

You can also decide to pay a company monthly to build links to your website.  It’s important you know exactly the type of work the SEO company is doing on your website and make sure that it’s appropriate. You don’t want low quality links pointing to your money site.

Seo Strategy

Whatever SEO technique you decide to use, it’s important to approach this portion of the project as a long-term venture.  Too often people expect fast results from SEO, which creates frustration and makes working on your website tiresome.

While working on SEO it’s important to also have other sources of traffic.  Not only is social media important for varying your traffic sources but it also creates backlinks and gives your website social authority.

Putting it all together

It will take some time but you’ll start to see some traction once you take all of these sections and apply them to your website.  A good niche site is focused on their audience and provides a high level of quality.  As a niche site, be prepared to give more value than you receive at first.  Remember to approach each feature of your website with a long term outlook.

Approaching your niche with a long term outlook puts you in a position to make consistent passive income or even sell your website for a profit.  Remember that research will be your best friend in finding unique ways to provide value to your audience.