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Anand Mishra
Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is funded by Information TV Private Limited, which is an electronic media that broadcasts the most popular news channels across India. It is the parent company of Star Infranet, a company that provides its customers with web services such as free domain registration, free website builder, web hosting, web design and unlimited SQL databases.


What Every Artist Must Know to Find the Best Drawing Tablet

A drawing tablet allows you to use a stylus pen to create designs, make drawings, and edit photos directly on the tablet. It replaces the mouse pad and gives you a larger surface area to work with. Above all else, it gives you a more precise tool to create your art on. It is a must for any aspiring or professional artist.

How to Choose a Tablet In 2016

If you need a tablet you’re in luck: 2016 is a superb time to buy one. We have access to all types of tablets for users of all levels. Technology has progressed far enough to make tablets practical for use at school, work and of course for fun.

Top 4 Technology Trends to watch for in 2016

Technology is constantly growing and evolving, almost as if it were alive.  Technology has progressed so fast in recent decades it’s easy to wonder how we used to live without it.  New technologies such as faster chips, more efficient semiconductors, and 3D printing are advancing what we’re able to do with technology.

How to Pick a Router

Picking a router can be intimidating, especially when you start looking at all the complex specifications associated with them.  A lot of people make the mistake of assuming all routers are the same, however; even if you have a top of the line Internet connection the speeds you get will depend on your router.