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Anand Mishra
Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited is funded by Information TV Private Limited, which is an electronic media that broadcasts the most popular news channels across India. It is the parent company of Star Infranet, a company that provides its customers with web services such as free domain registration, free website builder, web hosting, web design and unlimited SQL databases.


How to Make Niche Site

A niche site is defined as a website that targets the audience of a specific niche.  Niche sites are known for the value they give to people in the form of information usually via search engines.  Niche sites can be very broad or very specific to target sub niches within a niche.

How to Build a WordPress Site

Building a website can seem difficult and intimidating but it’s actually quite easy.  Of course you shouldn’t expect yourself to be able to build a luxurious, detailed website right off the bat, but you can definitely build a professional looking functional website with little or no experience.

How 3D Printing Will Affect The Healthcare Industry

When you hear about 3D printing, all sorts of things come to mind. It’s a new technology that’s sure to have a strong impact on many different industries in our world. A lot of excitement and uncertainty surrounds 3D printing, but what isn’t discussed is the very real influence that it’s about to have on the health care industry

The Top Technology Trends for 2016

Well, if you think you are already living in a very technologically advanced world, think again. Although technology keeps constantly evolving itself, the past few years have arguably been most significant than ever. However, it seems that the best of technology is yet to come. In fact, many believe that it will be 2016 that will turn out to be the year of technology.