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Anand Mishra
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The Top Technology Trends for 2016

Well, if you think you are already living in a very technologically advanced world, think again. Although technology keeps constantly evolving itself, the past few years have arguably been most significant than ever. However, it seems that the best of technology is yet to come. In fact, many believe that it will be 2016 that will turn out to be the year of technology.

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There’s actually quite a bit of reasoning behind it, though, as apparently, some major technological trends are expected to dominate this year. By the looks of what we have seen so far, it seems like the current technological stuff we have around us may only be the tip of the iceberg, and a lot more is yet to come.

With that being said, we will now jump straight into discovering some of the major technological trends for 2016, some of which have been talked about and outlined by Anand Mishra, a passionate Indian entrepreneur.


Virtual reality becoming a reality

Watching TV and playing games may soon become something that would make you feel as if you are typing on a typewriter. With all the hype around virtual reality, the hopes are very high. In fact, a surprisingly large number of experts believe that 2016 will be the year of virtual reality.

The glimpse of virtual reality that we have got in the past few years has definitely been more than enough to make us curious. On top of it, however, there’s the fact that some technology giants of the world, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, and more are going to release the highly immersive and advanced virtual reality headsets.


Highly immersive and advanced virtual reality headsets.
Highly immersive and advanced virtual reality headsets.

Furthermore, the prices of these devices are already falling, and when they release, they may actually be quite affordable for the customers, and this may definitely lead to the world taking a new turn with the help of virtual reality.

Though as of now gaming is something that seems to be something that will be truly revolutionized with these advanced devices, it may not take long before other things follow suit as well. The movie industry, for one, definitely seems to be one of the top contenders to make the most out of virtual reality really becoming a reality.


“Social robots” becoming a part of your lives

Human beings are emotional and fundamentally social. We want to share, laugh, have fun, communicate, need to be cheered up when we are down, need to discuss things and come to conclusions, need to take decisions, and understand each other for who we really are.

However, what if you could do all these things with a robot instead of a human? Well, while that may seem like a distant dream to you, it’s already turning into reality. In fact, such so called “social” robots were released in Japan last year. It didn’t even take a minute for all 1,000 of them to sell out.


“Social robots” becoming a part of your lives
“Social robots” becoming a part of your lives

The company now plans to come up with another 1,000 this year, which are expected to be priced $1,600 a pop. However, given that they don’t even need to be fed, it definitely may not seem an expensive affair to many, and hence, they are expected to be sold out just as quickly as last year, if not even faster.

Moreover, some other companies, too, are going to join in as well, to get a slice of the pie.


Wearable technology to become increasingly common at workplaces

While wearable technology hasn’t taken off the way it was expected to, this year is definitely expected to bring about a lot of changes in the industry to be happy about. This is due to the fact that many companies now plan to use wearable technology for their employees to improve productivity, especially those which don’t require their employees to sit at desks.



DHL, a shipping-logistics company, already decided to experiment what impact wearable technology has on the productivity of its employees, and the results were pretty pleasing, with the productivity of the employees shooting up by a staggering 25 percent.


Your cell phone may get faster than ever

While it may not be possible this year itself, but the development of making your cell phones faster than ever is definitely expected to get completed or close to completion by the end of 2016. As of now, most devices seem to be using the 3G or 4G network. However, the world may see the next generation of cell service soon, which, unsurprisingly, would be named as 5G.

However, quite surprisingly, it promises the speed to be 100 times faster than the current 4G network, which is definitely something we cannot even imagine at the moment.



Many companies have even started testing the technology. However, although most companies seem to be working as quickly as possible on this new technology, it may not be made available to customers until 2017, as told by Verizon.


All your devices may start talking to each other

As we spend more and more time operating several different devices and constantly switching between them, technology will be trying to make your life even easier by making them “talk” to each other. In technological term, this will be known as “cross-platform navigation”.

In fact, Microsoft’s Windows 10 already gives us an idea of what the concept is all about. The latest operating system allows users to stream the same game across several different devices that are on the same network.

However, once this is extended to cover other more important things as well, this may definitely be something that you would want to lay your hands on as soon as possible.


The technology behind Bitcoin may be demanded by major financial institutions

While the digital currency Bitcoin keeps having its ups and downs, the financial institutions have no plans to exit their investment when it comes to the technology behind it.


The technology behind Bitcoin may be demanded by major financial institutions.
The technology behind Bitcoin may be demanded by major financial institutions.

The technology, known as Blockchain technology, seems to be a fairly advanced technology when it comes to transacting over the internet. Many financial institutions are of the opinion that its ability to transfer funds immediately, in a highly transparent and potentially more secure way, is definitely something they would want to offer to their customers to carry out their transactions.

Apparently, many financial institutions are thinking of the ways they could implement this technology into their own systems. They think it may be a major breakthrough for the banking industry, and would help make transferring funds quicker and more secure.


Data protection may witness a whole new level of measures

With technology getting more and more important in our lives, a surprisingly large amount of data is shared by us every day. However, this also makes it more challenging for the current security measures in place to protect such a huge amount of data in a secure and efficient way.

This is the reason technology is even trying to introduce many more new security measures that unlike the typical security measures, not only find destructive code in software, but also trying figuring out the abnormalities in network behavior to identify any security threat and deal with it at the earliest.


A final word

Well, though we have so much to expect from technology this year, it may not deliver on all of them. In fact, as always, there may be a few letdowns, and a few outperformers. However, who will become what, only time will tell!

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