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Anand Mishra
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Top 4 Technology Trends to watch for in 2016

Technology is constantly growing and evolving, almost as if it were alive.  Technology has progressed so fast in recent decades it’s easy to wonder how we used to live without it.  New technologies such as faster chips, more efficient semiconductors, and 3D printing are advancing what we’re able to do with technology.

Technology is reaching a point where new developments will have a significant impact on large industries as well as our personal lives.  This article will take a look at four crucial areas of technology development in 2016 and beyond.

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Self-charging phones

Nothing is more annoying than forgetting to charge your phone with a busy day ahead of you.  You would think with all the technology around us it would be pretty easier to charge our phone as we go about our day.  But a lot of public places and public transportation don’t have any options for charging your devices!

We have slowly been progressing towards a solution in self-charging technology, first with portable charging sticks, phone cases equipped with batteries and now Wi-Fi charging.  New technology has made it possible for your phone to convert radio waves from cell phone towers and Wi-Fi connections, into electricity, which can be used to power your phone.

Self-charging phones

Small startup companies have also created cases that capture energy wasted by your smartphone and recycle it back into your battery.  Eventually, these advancements will make their way into tablets and laptops.

Currently, you can also buy devices that act as “hubs” that push out waves of energy that you can use to charge your phone.  Some devices require you to place your phone on the device while others push the waves around the environment like a router.

Companies like Prieto have been looking to advance the technology of batteries as a whole, specifically by using 3D printing technology to their advantage.  Prieto has been able to create batteries out of a copper foam substrate, which removes the flammable component of traditional batteries, makes them cheaper to manufacture and the material offers longer battery life.

Soon we may have batteries so powerful that self-charging wouldn’t be necessary; you’d only have to charge your device once or twice a week.



Drones have steadily been increasing in popularity in the past few years. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, originally designed for use in the military.  Advancements in technology have made it more realistic for the general public to use drones.

Companies like Amazon have even incorporated drones in how they do business.  Drones can also be used for fun and hobbies like photography or hunting.


Drones are slowly becoming more integrated into modern workplace routines.  Drones can perform dangerous tasks that can save lives and minimize risk.  NASA, the NOAA, and Northrop Grumman have teamed up on an experiment to send drones to record hurricane storms as they grow.

This will allow scientists and meteorologists to provide more accurate predictions about storms, which can lead to preemptive actions that can save lives.

Drones can also be used for search and rescue missions where time is a critical factor.  Drones can cover mountainous terrain much faster than humans, and they aren’t affected by weather.

Usually, in rescue situations time is a serious factor, drones can be an enormous asset and continue to search at night without rest.  It’s easy to see the many possibilities that drones present in our society.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality products are finally starting to become ready to be used by the general public.  A lot of highly anticipated virtual reality headsets are set to hit the market in 2016.  Facebook plans to launch their Oculus Rift headset, which immerses people into video games, movies or even tours of the world.

HTC is also rumored to have a headset in development with Valve Vive, set to launch in late 2016 or 2017.  Virtual reality headsets will change how we interact with all forms of entertainment; it even has the potential to affect how we work.

Businesses could also potentially use virtual reality technology to conduct interviews, meetings and even conferences from long distances. Eventually, virtual reality technology could be used to train new employees on how to do complicated jobs.

Professions such as mining and welding would benefit from the safety and realism that virtual reality would add to their training programs.

Virtual reality

Another very cool potential use for virtual reality is to recreate past societies and visit them from our homes.  Certain virtual reality programs could let you recreate the Roman Coliseum or visit the majestic pyramids and let you explore to your hearts content.

You can visit the ancient city of Pompeii or take a walk up Mt. Everest. Virtual reality is set to offer experiences like none other.  Once virtual reality technology is perfected movies, video games, phone conversations and entertainment in general will never be the same again.


Ambient technology experiences

Ambient technology refers to electronic environments that are able to respond and interact with the presence of different people.  Basically, this means technology that interacts without you having to do anything.  This technology blends virtual, physical and electronic environments to create real-time continuous experience with technology.

Ambient technology uses artificial intelligence, sensors, and complex programming to anticipate and react to real-time situations.  An example of a future ambient technology application is a security camera that recognizes your face and unlocks your car as you approach it.

In the future, ambient technologies can change how we perform our general daily tasks.  Google’s development of a self-driving car is an example of an ambient technology that would revolutionize how we live.

Ambient technology experiences

Ambient intelligence also has the power to impact how we socialize.  For example, a smartphone equipped with ambient technology could detect when you walk into a new store and notify you about special deals or coupons being offered.  Your phone would also be able to detect if any of your friends are in the mall and even what store they are in.

If you go to a business meeting or networking event, a smartphone with ambient intelligence could send a copy of your business card to all the people in the room who are not in your contacts.   These are all examples of technologies that activate automatically and execute actions based on their environments.  The potential for ambient technology is unlimited and is certain to revolutionize society.

It can be amazing to look and see how far we’ve come with technology since just 30 years ago, but it’s clear we still have so much room for growth.  The future of technology will change how we live our lives, how society is connected and what we do for fun.  2016 is a very exciting and transformative year with lots of developments in store! Which trend has you the most excited?

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