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Windows 10 Review – Should You Board the Train?


Windows 10 is precisely what Windows 8 was expected to be. This is an improved version of Windows 7, so be ready for the upcoming touch generation. Whatever came out was a disaster, as Microsoft is fast forwarding to the future that’s why the company implemented touch technologies in Windows 8 that worsen the stability of it. The negative reviews about Windows 8 had made the Microsoft sure about the next version, which is better be good. Microsoft made Windows a “household soprano” for past two decades, that might as well fade away with emerging technologies (just as Nokia Did).

Windows 8 might have been appreciated for a while, but it wasn’t good enough in the long run. All said, Windows 10 is finally here, and we have been using it for a while. With what we have seen so far, 10 is far more usable and stable than 8 and 8.1. This Windows proudly introduces a bunch of new functionalities including better security, a whole new web browser and the Voice Activated Intelligent Assistant Cortana (spiritually similar to “Cortana” of “Halo Series”).

Adding all of its features, this a revolution in Windows Series as it introduces a couple of new elements along with extra features. The question that arises here is it worth upgrading to Win 10 from 8 or 7? So far, we know that Windows 10 is somehow a direct sequel to Windows 7 for many people but should you wait for the train to bring more improvements. We will talk about it, as we proceed in this post.

Most features of Windows 10 are now just ready for Prime Time. This includes the extensively redesigned Start Menu with live tiles, Edge Browser, Continuum, and Cortana. They all work well enough but still they lack some essential features. Adding up, this version of Windows can be a complete nightmare for privacy and productivity. Well, that’s just to say, let’s get practical and see if Windows 10 worth a shot!


Introducing you to Windows 10

Windows 10
Windows 10 Review

Microsoft first took the veil off from its upcoming OS back in late 2014. Yes, the company surprised everyone with the technical specifications of its new OS. Everyone was expecting next generation of Windows. However, none of us expected that it would be Windows 10 instead of 9. Well, the new Windows is here.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 has been built from scratch that’s focusing on mobile and cloud computing. Moreover, it is enterprise-friendly, ideal for people who are comfortable with keyboard and mouse instead of a touchscreen.

By saying that, we are not suggested that it’s not an idyllic touchscreen.

Microsoft specifically optimized it for touchscreens. Not to mention, this windows will be putting a same interface on device and display sizing from 4 inches to 80 inches. This is all acting on Microsoft’s vision, “One Product Family”, “One Platform” and “One Store”. Considering the Lukewarm reaction to “compromised” Windows 8, these are such bold claims from the company. But, they were needed as it all added up to Microsoft’s verdict to make Windows 10 one of the most Beta Tested Products ever. Before the official release, the new OS was beta tested by 4 million people around the world.

Is it a Fresh Start?

The Start button in Windows 10 is back
The Start button in Windows 10 is back

The start menu is back! It’s almost embarrassing how we are relieved by it. Things are not what they used to be; they are much better now, and we love it. For starters, the start button is fixed on the lower left corner of the desktop that reminds of Windows 95. It provides instant access to apps and settings.

The start still sits on left with a neat column that features shortcuts of frequently used apps. You can press “All Apps” and you will have the alphabetical list of every app that is installed on your computer. This is joined by colorful animated live titles that first came with Windows. They pull up double duty as app shortcuts along with informative widgets. Users are allowed to resize the live titles, drag and arrange them in groups and pin in as many apps as they like.

The whole start menu can be shrunk or expanded just the way you like it. This is the miniaturized version of full-screen Start menu that was featured in Windows 8.

Do you hate live titles? If yes, then you don’t need to cooperate with them. Now you can easily unpin and excise them which will leave you with a narrow column of apps you use.


“What New Things, it Brings!”

Start Menu is back, but it was nothing new. Yes, just Windows 8 skipped it. Otherwise, it has a long history of previous versions of Windows. The new Start Menu comes equipped with Windows software with Modern UI Apps and Metro Apps. We can’t miss the fact that Start Menu has improved a lot since the last time we saw it. Look to the left and you will come in contact with your most used apps, just like Windows 8. At the bottom, all apps contain shortcuts to file explorer, settings, standby, and shutdown.

Somehow, Windows 10 has few functionalities of Windows 8 Start Screen but with a resizable title. With this, you can instantly check your unread mail or your appointments on the calendar. Start Menu is customizable; users can resize it as they lineup while rearranging the tiles, creating groups of these tiles and reverting to the Start Screen of Windows if they want.

“Full Screen Start Menu” is hit for tablet use as this is where it makes the most sense. However, you can also run it on PC if you want. The tile concept looks great. When it comes to Windows phones, pinning is the most important thing. Instead of just adding shortcuts to apps, you can pin the tiles as well.

This collectively improves user experience as you pin the right stuff to the front. For instance, you can easily pin an email or conversation thread from your mail or Facebook or something else to save your breath.


Fast Fluid Performance

Fast Fluid Performance of Windows 10
Fast Fluid Performance of Windows 10

Everything from seating to multi-desktop switching is designed to be instant. This is enchanted by the fact that there is no lagging in any element of the interface. Things start happening as soon as you tap, swipe or click.

With that being still, there are a few apps in Microsoft’s arsenal that need a bit more optimization in coming future. For an instant, the Xbox App comes with a lag before it starts to load its content. Don’t lose your heart as we have already faced something similar with People App. Considering everything, the software runs smoother in Latest version of Windows than they did in any previous one’s.

Well, we didn’t have the chance to run Windows 10 on any ancient hardware like AMD Athlon 64 bit processor. Still, we will give you the recommended minimum requirement to run this OS. If you want to use it with feasibility, then it’s best if you run it with at least a second generation Core i3 with 4 GB Ram.

Before thinking that Microsoft is rocketing the number one OS with Windows 10, you should know that the next version of Mac OS X is on its way. What do we think, Macintosh OS X 10.11 betas to date are just as smooth as the highly decorated Windows 10.


Bridging the Gap between PC and Tablet

Windows 10 Bridging the Gap
Windows 10 Bridging the Gap between PC and Tablet

Windows 10 might mark the end of an awkward tradition that started back in 2012 with Windows 8. Well, Microsoft at that time tried to convince everyone that Keyboards and Mouse are about to be replaced by touch screen, now we don’t doubt that. However, the world is not prepared for it, just yet. So, as ironic as it may be, Microsoft realized what the market wants and expects, therefore it optimized new OS with latest touch screen features while making it compatible with Keyboard and Mouse.

Well, the future is here, and everything from 2 in 1 and convertible tablets are in the market. Looks like Microsoft grasped this fact, and Windows 10 lets you easily transit from Tablet to PC mode.

For the PC world, this is your Welcome return. The Start Menu, extensively redesigned from Windows which is back just as we wanted it to be. The live tiles from Windows 8 home screen are still here, but they are now a part of Start Menu. Nothing offensive, but they deserve to be there.
The hidden charm bars are morphed into easy and straightforward action center. Continuing the tradition of the world, there are still some quibbles and gripes at the end, but this doesn’t make Windows 10 a loser. This version of Windows was tested by a whole army of testers for over a year that makes it one of the most robust OS ever made. Not to mention, it remains amazingly flexible, adaptable and customizable even after carrying on all with the latest functionalities.

Charm Bar windows 10
Charm Bar of windows 10


Implementing latest Functionalities with Long Running Traditions

Start Menu of Windows 10
Implementing latest Functionalities with Long Running Traditions

The Start Menu of Windows 10 doesn’t abandon the unifying organization of devices under only one OS. The Continuum is a recent attempt to bridge the gap between touch and non-touch devices (I hope XBox Users are reading this). To start, there will be no change in the Windows 8 “Style Modern apps” which you will get from Windows App store to install applications in the good old way. Now everything will be existing in a traditional windowed app.

If you prefer 2 in 1 laptops when you use the keyboard, you will have the same experience of using Windows that we are all familiar with. When you switch off the keyboard (it is possible in Windows 10, thanks to Continuum feature, Switching off keyboard lets you use the laptop Screen as a fully featured tablet) you will enjoy functions of a fully featured OS (like Android). The start menu and apps don’t take all of your screens. Yes, the unused apps will disappear to give you more room on your desktop and start menu.

When you reattach the keyboard, everything will slot back right into the place. Don’t worry, this is a quick process (Continuum, it’s a switch-like feature that optimizes your Windows for both touch screen and keyboard mouse devices, it all depends on your choice) and the best part is that it is Optional. I will explain you this process:

  • Go in the desktop mode
  • Switch from tablet to desktop mode
  • The apps will return to their desktop interface
  • Now it will be easier to move around and use them with mouse and keyboard
  • Switching between both of these modes is just like connecting and disconnecting peripherals and selecting a mode from pop-up alert

This feature helps convertible and hybrid computers to work better with Windows OS as it provides you a better user experience on all these devices.

If you want, you can disable this feature and switch to other modes yourself. You can even forget the touch concept that even exists. This is what Windows 8 should have been. People wanted something that will be a bridge between touch and non-touch instead of alienating people who fall for one and others and fall for the second thing.

The right thing is; Microsoft understands the fact that people need to be at their pace. Looking forward to this, Continuum makes the entire idea free of effort. As there are some hybrid devices that you can choose from, you can make the switch between touch and without touch easier than ever.


Good Bye! “The Internet Explorer.”

Good Bye Internet Explorer
Good Bye! “The Internet Explorer.”

Remember “Internet Explorer”? Everyone does, the only remaining use of it was to download other browsers. Well, it seems Microsoft wants to change that and to bring back its flagship explorer to its glory. For this, Microsoft introduced a brand new Browser named as “Edge”. To be honest, this is a big step even for Microsoft. Speaking of age and fame, Explorer was tired, and in my opinion it never aged well. On the other hand, I think this lemon was squeezed too much. Browsing on Explorer in recent days, seemed like doing something analogue in Digital world.

On the other side, Edge proves to make itself an excellent browser. Thanks to its features, it poses to be a threat to Chrome and Mozilla . To Test it out, we bench marked it with the respective two browsers on different platforms. These platforms were:

  1. Apple JetStream
  2. Google Octane
  3. Mozilla Kraken
  4. Peacekeeper
  5. SunSpider
  6. WebXPRT

We bench marked all three browsers on these respective platforms and following are the winnings:

  • Edge defeated both chrome and Mozilla on SunSpider and Apple JetStream
  • Chrome won with Google Octane and Mozilla Kraken
  • Mozilla got away with PeaceKeeper and WebXPRT

Users can switch the themes of this browser as well. Edge comes with a reader mode that helps it focus on web pages without any distraction. Not to mention, the new set up way is a considerable improvement as well.

Microsoft Edge only lacks pinned tabs and third party extensions as compared with Google Chrome. As the word goes, Microsoft promises this feature will make its comeback right at the end of this year. Because today everyone has at least 3 or more tabs open at a time, the pinned tab feature will make an excellent entry.

the pinned tab feature
The pinned tab feature of Win 10

Bringing Back Traditional Desktop Features

If you are upgrading directly from Windows 8, then the first few things you are about to notice will surely make you feel delighted. As compared with Windows 8, Windows 10 is polished, clean and sharp. How is it better? It’s because Windows 8 lacked the important elements that would have it as successful as Windows 7, these elements were easy to use interface while introducing leading edge features. Well, Microsoft made up for that loss with Windows 10. This helps you to concentrate more on your content while less fussing on things that surround it. There are some features of Windows 10 which look bland but what do you prefer, usability and stability or something fancy and full of lags? All the improvements made here carry through the functions. Every improvement made in the latest version of Windows goes well with the functionalities as it’s not full of lags.

The start menu is back, and you can live the way you were living before with Windows 8. Moreover, this version of Windows is fully weaponized as there is the transformation of Menu into the Voice Activated PA, better known as “Cortana”.

Tile Menu also makes an appearance, but it’s combined with the start menu. This combination looks better as compared to what we had in Windows 8. This change allows you to organize your apps easily. This is kind of your digital Swiss Army Knife which is simple to use but delivers whatever you expect from it.

Needless to say, Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana are two things Apple should be concerned about. Speaking of which, the addition of multiple desktops in Windows 10 which might be thought of as a blatant case of playing catch-ups with Mac OS X.

Microsoft, after a while, introduced something that is sensible, stable and useful. Now you can add your desktops with just a click while dragging and dropping items between them. It won’t be wrong for us to say that the new version of Windows is simple, useful and groundbreaking.


Task View, Alt-Tab, and Virtual Desktops

All Apps
All Apps Feature

You will notice something new on the right side of the search box, it’s a button to view everything. This is much like the view you have when you press ALT+Tab however you can still use it in this windows by pressing Win+Tab.

App Thumbnails is the new bar that shows in the virtual desktop; this feature can make the Windows be hankered after, but it also resorts to third party software including Dexpot. In Windows 10, you create virtual desktop right out of the box. It’s simple, just click to add desktop button and you got a whole new blank desktop to launch new apps.

Now you can easily switch between desktops with Ctrl+Win+Left cursor. You can also use Ctrl+Win+Right cursor for it. This is easier as compared with Alt+Tab and trying to find one app from 10 different windows. What’s important here is you now enjoy newly styled apps from Desktop as compared with Windows 8.1. This takes care of the pointless differences between 32 bit and 64-bit versions. Also, it helps Microsoft to do well for its promise that Windows 10 will feel much more like Windows 7.

App Thumbnail
New blank desktop to launch new apps

Solving Hybrid Problems

Summing it up, Windows 10 Experience is a lot better than Windows 8. This is the desktop that allows your hardware to be both Touch or keyboard. Continuum is Microsoft solution for this problem. You can remove the keyboard from your tablet and switch it to tablet mode from desktop one. Whenever you disconnect the keyboard, you will be asked for it. If you don’t want that, you can automate the settings.

Continuum remained erratic and rough in the early versions of Windows 10 . Thanks to all the beta testing before its official release, this system is now smooth and instantaneous. So far, there is no problem in this system. It acts as the switch over button of desktop and windows mode.

In 2014, Microsoft Executive Joe Belfiore revealed a new UI feature, later on, Microsoft gave the new feature to public testers. This was a chance for everyone to test Continuum, a desktop to tablet UI switching feature in late 2014 before officially releasing the product. Moreover, the company also gave a video demonstration in its first Windows 10 Press event in the September last year.


Why the “App Store.”

Microsoft App Store
Microsoft App Store

If you have a weakness, then you better face it out. The basic idea of this app store shares some similarities with both Google Play Store and Apple Store. . Windows user can now buy Microsoft’s and third party’s software compatible with their current OS from this store. Now don’t be mistaken with Windows Store for a complete failure. In this shop, you can find most apps to get your work down without much fuss. Microsoft App Store is not doing as good as Google Play and Apple Store. No, both of its rivals are doing well for themselves at the moment. The bitter truth, however, there are the healthy chances that Microsoft’s App Store will prove to be a tough competitor in future. Thanks to all the Customer base that Microsoft has for desktop computers, it can dominate the app store market shortly. So what you are going to do with this new app store? It’s time for you to transform your apps by yourself.

So you start changing your apps. You can also transform them with a free suite of tools that will help you in your schedules. Microsoft is adding Visual Studio 2015 with Dev Center in Windows 10, that helps you present and sell your windows app. The mail and calendar features are not that much prominent and have also been restricted when it comes to usefulness. The revamped pairing with Windows 10 is good enough to work with both Tablet and Desktop Device such as Surface Pro 3 and Lenovo Yoga 3. Microsoft Apps will be running on Android. This can be referred to Nokia X mobile running Android Apps on it.

Along with all these features, Windows 10 will also market with new Photo Apps. These apps are nicely designed and are capable of organizing your images and sharing them online. The Map apps provide a respectable sparring partner for the ever famous Google Maps.


Taking over the Tablet Market

Apps Clustered in groups in win 10
Apps Clustered in groups in win 10

The credit goes to horizontal scrolling; that’s replacing vertical scrolling, as users just have to place two fingers on the trackpad and move them right to left to scroll. This was one feature of Windows 8 which drove everyone mad. It was not only swiping left to right, but it was also a bit unnatural, therefore it was inefficient to present relevant content.

It’s a big relief that Windows 10 marks the “conventional up and down scrolling” as this interface has a natural expansion of new desktop Start Menu. The Apps are clustered in groups that can be customized just the way you like them.

You can press the app to open a list of options for what you want to do with it, change its size or even delete it. The App icons are smaller as compared with Windows 8. However, the company is looking to its best efforts to take care of this big hit in case if the customer base is not comfortable with it. If you are looking forward to adding an app, you should tap the menu on the bottom left of Start Screen, press the app and click on the option to add in into windows.

Multi-tasking with Windows tablet is much fun now, still there are a few important things we missed on behalf of Windows 8’s left-hand menu, (To be honest that was the best feature of Win 8). Swipe in with finger from left and open apps just as they are shown in OS X exposing style grid. You need to tap it to bring it to full screen.To close an app, swipe down from top to bottom. You can even call up notifications in Action Center. You just need to click wherever you can easily find access to settings. Well, you don’t swipe away center by swiping it from desktop or Action Center.

By now, you must have guessed that Windows 10 Tablet Experience is all prepared to take the battle head to head with Apple. It’s mature as compared with Windows 8 which always was a bit wasteful, childish and overblown. Microsoft has done an excellent job of redesigning the core apps. Now you can do almost everything you want with a suite that comes with built-in tools. Not to mention, the third party apps for Windows 10 will take the tablet experience to a whole new level.


Bringing Back Cortana

Bringing Back Cortana in Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 Review – Cortana

Good news for Halo Fans, Microsoft is bringing back the Cortana with Windows 10. The truth is; Cortana is not a new feature to fuss about as it has been introduced for mobile phones already. This can be seen as Microsoft’s Answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Raging the War of Virtual Personal Assistants, Microsoft paired with the Internet Giant Google and introduced a similar feature in the new version of Windows “Google Now.” It transits to desktop and takes over search functionality while taking care of some housekeeping duties of you PC.

Cortana will be crawling through emails, calendar, and it will keep you notified about the upcoming events, tasks, alerts or anything else you should be aware of. Moreover, the Personal Virtual Assistant will be setting your reminders, track stocks and even dictates the mail messages to send to your contacts later. It’s all scheduled to listen to you as you say “Hey, Cortana” and it’s trained to recognized different voices.

A proactive stream of info of “Google Now” will serve you whenever you need it. At this time, Cortana is not your typical “Artificial Intelligence” out of Star Wars or Star Trek. There is a lot of room for improvement here, but we are delighted to see what we have at the moment. Voice recognition is accurate. If you want to send an email, you will still need to use your email client. However, Cortana will offer you places to eat or to see, because it’s way more useful when you are out in the streets.

The same can be said about reminders, Cortana proves to be exceptionally useful here if you can access them. Adding up to the fuss, Cortana will be making her way to Android and iOS later this year. This will be clearing the issues related to connectivity between these devices.

Made with one of the most accurate technology, the functionality of Cortana will cross platforms without any problem at all. Cortana can be your answer for traditional jokes.


Windows Apps Snap Assist

Windows Apps Snap Assist
Microsoft Windows 10 Review – Snap Assist

Unlike Windows 8, the Snapped app window in start menu doesn’t take your whole screen. Instead, it only takes half of it. When it comes to Windows 10, you can snap up to 4 apps per screen. When you have snapped an app, it will show the Alt+Tab sort of display while keeping the remaining open apps intact, so you can fill up the remaining screen.

You can snap the apps and fill the whole screen or let off right-hand side with shortcuts to apply as with Windows 7 and 8.

Microsoft didn’t leave behind its tradition of making touch sense with Windows PC. It looks like every element has been extensively modified or redesigned from scratch to allow more features to roll in with ease. Going with the Typical Microsoft fashion, the range of keyboard shortcuts with touch gestures for each of such features provide you nothing less than some ways to access whatever you are trying to achieve. Moreover, you don’t have to memorize them. Just use whatever you like.


Virtual Desktops

Multi Virtual Desktops in Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 Review – Virtual Desktops

Just click the new Task View button on Taskbar and you will have a bird eye view of currently open apps. You can drag one of these apps into a new desktop button, and it will later move on to their independent workspace/ while you can keep one workspace focused on work, you can have one for gaming gestures and another one for your camera. The best thing is you have no limits that how many desktop you can keep open at a time.

To be honest, these are far from new development, and they were made available to third party apps. It’s nice to see that Microsoft is catching up here. This feature needs some work done to it, as the desktops are numbered. However, if you create too many of them, it will be hard for you to keep a record of them all.

With Win32 Apps, you will have to download and install the virtual desktop from online to instantly open a new desktop. You can easily open it just by clicking on a shortcut from Windows Store.

Now you have the ability to move apps across different virtual desktops. All you need to do is drag them, right click or even share them. The best part is; you can set different wallpapers for every separate desktop.


Window Snap

Snap Assist feature of Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10 Review – Windows Snap

Windows Snap was first introduced in Windows 7 . Drag an app to the left or right side of the screen and it will snap to fill that space. This Snap Assist feature chimes in, showing little thumbnails of any other app that is currently being open.

Just click a thumbnail and it fills up the remaining space. If you want, you can snap an app to the corner of the display and it will fill the screen with up to four apps. All of these apps will divide equally across the screen. This proves great if you are using more than one screen.


Action Center

The New Action Center, which is introduced in Windows 10, will be replacing the Charms that was introduced in Windows 8. This is just an another thumbs up to mobile OS. All you need to do is click the action center icon on the taskbar and bring up a panel that controls all notifications of apps. This will provide you instant access to important settings such as toggling the WiFi network and switching on or off the Tablet mode.

You can choose these options that will turn up here in the settings menu. If you are switching to Windows 10 from Windows 7, then you will have a hard time finding these settings.


WiFi Sense

WiFi Sense Hotspots
Microsoft Windows 10 Wifi Sense

Speaking technically, this is not a feature, it’s a part and presence in Windows 10 which quite makes a welcome addition. It connects your Wifi device to trusted WiFi Hotspots.

Automatically sharing Wifi Credentials saves your breath in social gathering when people are trying to jump in on your Wifi network. This doesn’t share your password; it just eases a social transaction that shares the Wifi connectivity without compromising your network security.

Don’t worry, it allows you to control whoever is accessing your network and what can he do while he is using it. It’s a common sense that none of us wants to share their access to Outlook address book or even Skype. Microsoft is well aware of this, and therefore it introduced some security settings. Now you can choose whatever your friends can access whenever you want. When you do not have any guest with you, it’s best if you turn the WiFi Sense off.


Windows Hello and Passport

Hello & Passport
Windows 10 Hello

Microsoft is improving the security infrastructure with Windows Hello. This Feature uses all Windows 10 devices you have signed with. As you have logged yourself in with the Hello (it turns your OS into the passport). Windows Passport will provide you access to countless Third Party Websites and productions without making you log into them multiple times.


Entertainment Features

Microsoft Windows 10 Entertainment Features
Entertainment Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 is improving its Entertainment Features with new applications for Music, Videos, and even Xbox. You may be surprised to learn that Videos have been renamed as Movies and TV, while Music is renamed as Groove Music. These features are quite similar to Music and Video Files found in previous versions of Windows. Moreover, it is the only way to buy or rent music, videos or movies from online stores. Now, you can also enjoy streaming services with these applications

If you are into games, then the Xbox app will prove to be useful. It’s a new window in your Xbox live feed. It lets you know what your friends are doing, you can send a message to your buddies, browser recordings from different people, compare achievement to interact in the social network. If you own an Xbox One, then you can stream activity from the console to any other device that runs on Windows 10 OS.

This is not a game changer if that is what you think. Certainly, this is not an excuse to spend your savings on a brand new Xbox One. If you like to Watch TV in Windows environment, then there is some good news for you. Microsoft is now introducing 4K LED, which runs on Windows 10. The quality along with experience will be independent. Therefore, you need to make sure that your PC and Console streaming are connected to LAN.

Microsoft Windows 10 Review - Entertainment Features
Microsoft Windows 10 Review – Entertainment Features

At this time, your console cannot be used by others as it is streaming, it won’t allow cooperative gaming. However, if you frequently share TV and have a PC with Windows 10, you might want to consider an addition to your arsenal.


Keeping up with the Updates

Keeping up with the Windows 10 Updates
Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 Update is the core element of keeping everything up to date with the company’s vision of “Future of Windows ”. This also proves to be the most contentious thing about the new OS. If you are using the standard version of Windows 10, the updates are automatic, and you can’t do anything about it.

This might prove to be a great thing for Windows Achilles, which is known for its Nigh Ubiquity. This acts as the center of attention of Malware and other digital worms. A Computer that is kept up to date helps for a happier customer. These updates make sure that you are safe from virus and other such malware.

This is not as bright as it looks, sometimes, these updates don’t work well. Yep, they might break more than fixing. As the word goes, one of the last updates from Windows 10 Preview has been causing Software Crashes. Well, the company have plans to mitigate the snafus. People who signed for Windows Insider program opt for serving the Beta Testers in Perpetuity, and we will be receiving the updates.


Is it the End for Windows?

It’s not hard to see that the Release of Windows 10 marks a final and fully flourished product from Microsoft. However, it’s the first version of Windows 10 as Microsoft will be issuing a regular update. Only this time, things are being different as you don’t have an option in Windows 10 Home Edition to turn these updates off.

Yes, you heard it right, Updates are now mandatory. However, we are still keen to see how it works in the end as there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your computer restart while you are in middle of something (let’s say you have 10 tabs open with some 5 other programs running at the same time).

Updates will contain the drivers as well as security protocols and patches. This is something you need to worry about. For instance, a broken driver of AMD already causes a headache for you. What if it gets topped up with some other drivers and malware content? We are hopeful that Microsoft finds a way to deal with this concern as it doesn’t want millions of its user to complain that updates broke their machines.

However, there are some unseen advantages of forced updates. First of all, the free upgrade to Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows and updates will mark the end of piracy. Also, these will also take care of security holes and vulnerabilities that will be addressed and patched. Moreover, now you don’t have to work on an old and rusty Internet Explorer.


Summing it Up!

For the majority of users, Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade from their old OS. To be honest, there is no sane reason for why you shouldn’t upgrade to the new OS unless there is something in your previous version of Windows, which you can’t live without.

The new cutting edge features of Windows 10 come with the familiarity of Windows 7 which makes the new version a lot more attractive. It’s even better if you have more than one devices to use Windows 10. The tight integration means that you can now set reminders on the go and pick’em up on the PC. This is just a small example of how Windows 10 delivers its promise of better usability with loads of features. In case you use One Drive to Store your music, photos, videos, notes and even documents, then you can easily access them from anywhere. The online web app has been improved.

To sum it up, this is fair to say at the initial stages that Windows 10 proves to be a great OS. However, it’s not perfect. It still has a lot of bugs to be fixed, and if you have downloaded it, then think of an update soon from Microsoft.

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